April 26 Friday & 27 Saturday, 2024


4-H Camp McCroy
1058 Hwy 30
Reliance, TN 37369


66th Annual Polk County Tennessee Ramp Tramp Festival

April 26 & 27, 2024
Camp McCroy, 1058 Hwy 30, Reliance, TN 37369

Ramps Festival The Ramp Tramp Festival will celebrate its 66th year on Friday, April 26 & Saturday, April 27, 2023, at Camp McCroy 4-H Camp located at 1058 Hwy 30 in Reliance, Tennessee.

This FREE two-day event features live bluegrass, folk, and rock-and-roll oldies music and the traditional Ramp Meal, including Ramps in eggs, white beans, cornbread, fried potatoes, and streaked meat bacon.

Friday evening is Bluegrass & Beans, beginning at 6 pm. Then, on Saturday, there is more live music & an outdoor crafts festival beginning at 10:00 am with a sit-down served from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm.

Bagged ramps are available for sale until they are sold out.

Proceeds for this event benefit the Polk County 4-H Clubs and Camp McCroy.

For more information, contact the Polk County 4-H Office at 423-338-4503


The Polk County Ramp Tramp Festival was started in 1958 by 4-H club members and volunteers who ”tramped” up the Big Frog Mountain in Polk County, TN, to enjoy a hike on a spring day and a ramp meal.

Today, that same traditional spirit lives on during the annual Polk County Ramp Tramp Festival.

Camp McCroy, 1058 Hwy 30, Reliance, TN 37369


Friday April 26, 2024

6pm-8pm Ramp Meal
White Beans, cornbread, raw ramps, fried potatoes and ramps.

6pm-8pm Live Music
6:00pm Double Cross
7:00pm Connection 27

Saturday April 27, 2024

Visit & Shop with our Local Heritage Craft Vendors

10am-2pm Ramp Meal
Fried ramps in eggs, fried potatoes, country bacon, white beans and cornbread with drink.

10am-2pm Buy Ramps by the Bag
Until we sell out.

10:00am-2:00pm Live Music
10:00am The Misfits
12:30pm Hydraulic and Fast Eddy