April 24, 2021


4-H Camp McCroy
1058 Hwy 30
Reliance, TN 37369

Polk County Tennessee Ramp Tramp Festival

63rd Annual Polk County Tennessee Ramp Tramp Festival

April 24, 2021
Camp McCroy, 1058 Hwy 30, Reliance, TN 37369

Ramps Festival

The Ramp Tramp Festival will celebrate its 63rd year on April 24th at Camp McCroy 4-H Camp located at 1058 Hwy 30 in Reliance Tennessee.

This event features the traditional Ramp Meal which includes, Ramps in eggs, white beans, cornbread, fried potatoes, and streaked meat bacon for take-out only. The take-out meal will be served from 10:00am until 2:00 pm. Along with the meal, bagged ramps will be available for sale until they are sold out.

Meal preparation and packaging will follow Health Department guidelines under the Tennessee Pledge.

It’s Ramps Only for the 2021 festival due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic. Ramp Festival organizers believe the health and safety of our community are most important and due to the large number of people over the age of 65 who attend the festival, we believe it is important to follow the guidelines and practices suggested by the Department of Health and CDC and cancel the festival activities of bluegrass music and crafts vendors and focus on the Ramps for 2021.

Proceeds for this event benefit the Polk County 4-H Clubs and Camp McCroy. Organizers hope to return in 2022 with full Ramp Tramp Festivities. For more information, contact the Polk County 4-H Office at 423-338-4503


Saturday April 24, 2021

Admission is FREE.
10am-2pm: Take-Out Ramp Meal – A to-go meal of Fried ramps in eggs, fried potatoes, streaked meat, white beans and cornbread with drink. No sit-down dining this year and no live music.

10am-2pm: Buy Ramps by the Bag
Until we sell out.


The Polk County Ramp Tramp Festival was started in 1958 by 4-H club members and volunteers who ”tramped” up the Big Frog Mountain in Polk County, TN to enjoy a hike on a spring day as well as a ramp meal.

Today, that same traditional spirit lives on during the annual Polk County Ramp Tramp Festival.

Camp McCroy, 1058 Hwy 30, Reliance, TN 37369